Some common questions we receive from both Applicants and Tenants:

How do you calculate my rent?
Rent calculation is a formula established by the Province. We calculate 30% of your Total Income (Line 150 on your last Notice of Assessment) and divide that by 12 months to obtain your monthly rent.

Line 150 x 30%/12 months = Base Rent + Utilities = Total Rent.

Note: There may be additional charges for parking, depending on your property.

Can I bring my pet?
No, we do not accept pets.

Who can I turn to if I'm having a personal problem?
Several of our properties have part-time on site coverage with an Outreach Worker from Calgary Family Services.

Can I smoke at my building?
Smoking in public areas is not permitted. As of June 1, 2008 any new tenants were also advised that smoking would not be permitted in their suites.

Do the suites come with full kitchens?
While the sizes of the kitchens differ depending on the building and configuration, all kitchens come equipped with an apartment sized stove and fridge. Note: Dishwashers are not permitted in suites of any Gracewood buildings.

I'm disabled - do you have handicapped suites?
We do have some suites which have been modified for wheelchair use. (i.e. the area under the sink is open, the clothing bar in the closets are lower, etc.) However, we do not have any suites that are fully designated as handicapped (i.e. larger doorways, etc.)

Are there any planned activities at my building?
While Independent Living does mean extra support such as meals or medical staff is not available, we do have the participation and assistance of many outstanding community agencies who can make a difference in your day. Ask your Manager for more information.

Can I bring my children to live with me?
No. Our buildings are subsidized for eligible Seniors (65 plus) only.

Do you have a toll free phone number?
Yes. Please please contact us tool free at: 1-877-237-7978.


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